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Halal Certification

Halal is no longer an expression of an esoteric form of production, trade and consumption, but part of a huge and expanding globalised market in which certification, standards and technoscience play important roles.

The halal concept is not only related to food but also covers different aspects of human life covered by Islam teachings. It is also a segment of sharia that appears as the system of morals for guiding the behaviour and actions of Muslims. Halal certification plays a significant role in strengthening the national and international development of the halal economic chain.

The CLJ Halal Certification page brings you in-depth information on the processes and procedures involved in obtaining Halal certification from the authorities in the various countries across the globe. From direct access to forms, to flow charts explaining the full process of application, this page offers a collection of simplified materials for your ease of reference, not available on any other platforms.