Halal Certification


KASCERT International is a body that provides for international certification in Turkey, as well as other countries such as Russia, Ukraine and countries in Europe since 2009. It is the first accredited and approved certification body from JAKIM Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Middle East. The body provides for various services, ranging from independent and impartial surveillance, audit as well as reporting services to ensure convenience to the sellers and buyers in trade.

Address: Ankara Cad. No:22/1 K:2 Graniser Plaza Çınarlı ĐZMĐR / Şirinevler mah. Namık Kemal Cad.No:3 daire:3. Bahçelievler İstanbul.
Phone: +90 5063452433 / +90 2324356100 / +90 2124664900
Fax: +90 2324356120 / + 90 2124664635
Email: info@kascert.com
Website: www.kascert.com

Halal Certification Process:

  1. Applicant to fill in application form provided by KASCERT.
  2. Applicant shall sign and submit the offer and contract of the Halal Certification.
  3. KASCERT Halal Inspector will examine the application form.
  4. Subsequently, the Inspector will inform any necessary preparation that needs to be made in the preparation stage before inspection to the applicant.
  5. A discussion and planning of the inspection date.
  6. Once the date has been decided, an inspection will be conducted.
  7. The act of closing the detected non-conformities will be conducted.
  8. A certification result shall be produced by the Certification Committee, the Academic Committee and Ulema Committee.

Halal Certification audit will be repeated annually. If the result is in the positive, the validity of the certificate is to be extended for another year.


GIMDES is an authorized body in Turkey that provides for halal certification status. It aims to look for products that are halal and healthy for Muslims and to provide halal certificates for such products. Such certification is an assurance given to Muslims for both markets and consumers. In ensuring that there is no misconduct of brand or name, GIMDES complies with the laws in providing its halal certification process.

Address: Ziya Gökalp 2. Ada iyim Sanatkarları İş ve Ticaret Merkezi, D:A Blok, 34490 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 438 33 18
Website: www.halalcertificationturkey.com / www.gimdes.org

Halal Certification:

  1. Inspection of Product.
  2. Applicant to provide required information accurately to the certifying body.
  3. It may include detailed information of production procedures including raw material procurement and storage, processing, packaging, labelling, transportation and storage of ready products. Such information must be ready to be examined during inspectors’ visits.
  4. Applicant to assist the body in term of conservation, slaughtering, production, quality control, product systems, hygiene, packaging, labeling and transportation.
  5. A board of advisors will provide adequate advice as to the product and services (slaughtering of animals, halal beverages, produced foods, plants, tools and equipments to be used).
  6. All certificates obtained should be authenticated and approved by GIMDES or by an Islamic institution recognized and approved by GIMDES
  7. Conformity of Products
  8. GIMDES will verify the authentication of such products before certification is provided.

Note: There are standards and specifications provided by GIMDES in www.halalcertificationturkey.com that must be followed by an applicant. The process differs as to the category of the applicant (e.g., factory, caterer, food producer etc).


Hafsa Halal is one of the certification bodies that serves halal certification in Turkey. It is founded by two partners: Yusuf Karabudak and Murat Bayka. Hafsa Halal’s trademark is provided and published by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) in early 2021 which serves to mark products that are of halal standards and requirements as well as identifying institutions whose business are related to the production, storage, distribution and sale of halal products.

Address: Kizkalesi Sokak Elit Plaza A Blok No: 1A/24-Serifali / Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 2164999023 / +90 2123189163 / +90 5446978104
Email: info@hafsahalal.com
Website: www.hafsahalal.com

Halal Certification Process:

As provided in www.hafsahalal.com

Turkish Standard Institution

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) is an authorized body for standardization that provides a diverse range of infrastructure including certification, testing, training, surveillance and inspection services. It is a public institution that aims at producing goods and services which are in compliance with rules and regulations in the global markets.

Address: Necatibey Cad. No:112 06100 Bakanlıklar Ankara
Phone: 0312 4166200
Fax: 0312 4166610
Email: international@tse.org.tr
Website: www.tse.org.tr

Halal Certification:

TSE initiated its halal food certification services in 2011 as a response to the development of halal standards in Turkey. The certificates given by TSE are initiated within the foundation of Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC). Such certificates are:

  • Halal Food Certification
  • Halal Service Certification