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What's in CLJ Shariah?

  • Comprehensive Shariah Law library which includes the Syariah Reports published since 2004 and the widely cited LNS cases from 1928.
  • Islamic Law cases and articles from across Commonwealth nations.
  • All Federal Acts and State Enactments in relation to Islamic Laws in Malaysia.
  • Articles on contemporary topics written by noted Shariah practitioners and academics.
  • Forms and reference materials on various issues relevant to the practice of Islamic law.
  • Latest highlights including global media reports on Islamic issues.
  • Listing of Shariah Legal Practitioners.

The Subscription Plan

Our annual subscription plan provides you with a comprehensive and complete organisation wide access solution for your research needs. Powered by a user-friendly search engine, the system gives you a structured and pleasant online research experience.

Your subscription includes:

  • 24/7 online service access with no limits on time usage.
  • Accessible customer service.
  • Free invites to our exclusive training sessions.

Subscription (1 ID) RM750 / USD375 per year

 (SST of 6% applies w.e.f. 1st September 2018)

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