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Syariah courts need to be careful about exposing case proceedings: Sultan Nazrin (Updated) 04/01/2018
Kelantan to consider Qatar's hudud law 02/01/2018
Sisters in Islam: Section 298 should be reviewed 19/12/2017
European Court to Decide if Islamic Sharia Law Can Override a Nation's Civil Law 10/12/2017
Telangana: Muslims skip Sharia courts 07/11/2017
Protection of person's dignity imperative in serving justice the Islamic way: SIS 09/01/2018
Look to 'ta'zir' for guidance in drug sentencing 05/01/2018
Transvestites offer sexual services unabated despite crackdowns 21/12/2017
M'sian stewardesses should wear shariah-compliant uniforms, not dress 'disrespectfully' - Senator 12/12/2017
How Quebec's face-covering ban stacks up to laws elsewhere around the globe 21/10/2017
Family Law
Greece makes Syariah law optional for Muslim minority 10/01/2018
Couples wanting to marry in Malacca must update address in the state 04/10/2017 The Sun (Malaysia)
Ray Imran mulls legal action against parties over 'false information' 12/09/2017 New Straits Times (Malaysia)
Gender Justice in India: From Substantive Syntactics to Progressive Pragmatics 10/09/2017
Malaysians not allowed to marry in Saudi Arabia 08/09/2017 The Sun (Malaysia)
Islamic Finance
Bank Muamalat, Maik introduce waqf fund 17/01/2018
Bank Muamalat joins Global Alliance for Banking on Values network 15/01/2018
Cryptocurrency can spur growth, but must be syariah-compliant 12/01/2018
UiTM inks MoU with UK's Heriot-Watt University 08/01/2018
Search is on for fifth recipient of royal award 08/01/2018
Obama's Jokers Liars Club 01/04/2014 Patriot Post
British law society’s move to allow Islamic ‘Sharia compliant’ wills called ‘deeply disturbing’ 27/03/2014 National Post
Secular lawyers threaten action over Law Society Sharia wills guide 25/03/2014 The Lawyer
Mahkamah batal permohonan Wan Nor Azlin 15/01/2014 Sinar Harian
Sultan warns Muslims of deviationist teachings 23/10/2017 The Sun (Malaysia)
Zamihan accepts Selangor Sultan's decree to strip teaching credentials, issues apology 17/10/2017 New Straits Times (Malaysia)
Interfaith leaders meet to share knowledge on interfaith understanding 05/10/2017 New Straits Times (Malaysia)
USIM grabs Islamic Finance and Research award 04/10/2017 The Sun (Malaysia)
Tuanku Muhriz opens namesake complex at Usim 04/10/2017 The Sun (Malaysia)