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The Federal Constitution provides that ‘no person shall be deprived of property save in accordance with law’; and ‘no law shall provide for the compulsory acquisition or use of property without adequate compensation’. It is therefore imperative for landowners to understand their rights to ensure that these rights are protected and adequately compensated in the event of compulsory acquisition. ‘The Law on Land Acquisition’ comprehensively sets out the underlying legal jurisprudence of compulsory land acquisition in Malaysia and the procedural pre-requisites based on the Land Acquisition Act 1960, including the recent amendments vide the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act 2016. The book also highlights both reported and unreported case authorities up to 1 January 2018 that had seen law in this subject developed.

Author(s) Su Tiang Joo & Pang Kong Leng
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-131-3
Pages: 264
Price: 240 (WM) / 240 (EM)
Published: 2018
Practice & Procedure

CLJ’s Digest Of Sentencing Decisions

Incorporating Selected Decisions Of The Malaysian Courts Since 1990

CLJ’s Digest of Sentencing Decisions leads the market in providing an accurate, comprehensive and dependable compendium of sentencing decisions, and addresses the entire spectrum of criminal sentencing of more than two decades. The all-encompassing case narratives advert not only to the issues in dispute and substantive findings of the courts, but also to every other material detail such as trial number, citation, relevant statutes, brief facts of case as well as ratio of sentence – all succinctly summarised with clarity and precision.

Author(s) Wan Sharif Ahmad
ISBN No.: 978-967-0667-74-4
Pages: 321
Price: RM240 (WM) / RM250 (EM)
Published: 2014
Practice & Procedure

Striking Out

Powers to strike out pleadings are necessary to enforce the basic rules of pleadings and to dispose of proceedings which are hopeless, baseless or without foundation of law or in equity or are otherwise an abuse of process of the court. This book is a comprehensive examination of such powers by the courts when striking out pleadings.

Author(s) Nasser Hamid
ISBN No.: 978-967-0379-20-3
Pages: 542
Price: RM280 (WM) / RM290 (EM)
Published: 2012
Practice & Procedure

Stay Of Proceedings

Stay of Proceedings provides readers with the principles and its application within the context of decided authorities from all over the Commonwealth. Extracts from key case laws are provided where necessary. The book will be an asset to practitioners due to its breath of coverage, scope and detail. It is comprehensive with thorough reviews of case laws and civil procedure.

Author(s) Nasser Hamid
ISBN No.: 978-967-0379-28-9
Pages: 384
Price: RM290 (WM) / RM300 (EM)
Published: 2013
Practice & Procedure

CLJ’s Words & Phrases

CLJ’s Words & Phrases is an indispensable research tool for members of the legal fraternity and other parties who need to deal with the intricacies of the language of the law on a regular basis. Covering a vast array of legal topics, readers will be able to easily locate and apply the court’s interpretation on the language used in various legislative provisions and commercial documents for their professional needs. Published in an easy-to-read format, the book will be an invaluable addition to your library.

Author(s) CLJ Publication
ISBN No.: 978-967-0820-58-3
Pages: 346
Price: RM60 (WM) / RM70 (EM)
Published: 2016
Practice & Procedure

Practice Directions 1993 - 2013

Incorporating Relevant Registrar’s Circulars

CLJ’s “Practice Directions 1993 – 2013” is a comprehensive collection of Practice Notes, Practice Directions and Registrar’s Circulars issued by the superior courts in Malaysia. It contains essential directives and guidelines for practitioners and provides a road-map through the many procedural and non-procedural changes that the courts have implemented over the course of 20 years. Published in a convenient format, this book is a must-have for all practitioners and those who work closely with the courts in the administration of justice.

Author(s) CLJ Publication
ISBN No.: 978-967-0748-21-4
Pages: 884
Price: RM210 (WM) / RM220 (EM)
Published: 2014
Practice & Procedure

Rules And Rulings Of The Bar Council Malaysia

Updated as at 12 March 2015

From time to time, the Bar Council, to address prevailing circumstances or in response to enquiries made by Advocates and Solicitors or members of the public, issues Rulings to regulate matters concerning legal practice, and professional conduct and etiquette of Advocates and Solicitors. The Rulings serve as a guide in maintaining the decorum of the long-respected and honoured profession. The Rules and Rulings of the Bar Council Malaysia are revised and brought up to date from time to time. This updated version is intended to provide Members of the Bar with a quick point of reference and includes new Rulings issued in recent years.

Author(s) CLJ Publication
ISBN No.: 978-967-0820-60-6
Pages: 88
Price: RM28 (WM) / RM38 (EM)
Published: 2015

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