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Companies Act 2016

The New Dynamics of Company Law in Malaysia

'Companies Act 2016: The New Dynamics of Company Law in Malaysia' is a practical guide on the newly enacted Companies Act 2016. The new Act will have a tremendous impact on the corporate legal framework and this book will serve as an authoritative text to allow readers to navigate into this new corporate landscape. It provides an in-depth analysis and commentary of all the major and significant areas of the new Act.

The Companies Act 2016 is a culmination of recommendations from the Companies Commission of Malaysia and the Corporate Law Reform Committee to revamp the previous Companies Act 1965. In enacting this new Act, Malaysia has adopted the best practices from other jurisdictions to enable Malaysian companies to compete, innovate and become globalised. Reference to latest case laws from the UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia will aid readers to understand and navigate the new Act. Readers will also have the benefit to compare and contrast the new Act with the previous provisions under the Companies Act 1965 in order to comprehend the major developments of the law in this area.

Author(s) Kenneth Foo Poh Khean & Lee Shih
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-120-7
Pages: 616
Price: RM250 (WM) / RM260 (EM)
Published: 2016

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