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The Malaysian Judiciary

This book is an overview of the historical background of the Malaysian Judiciary, including the Islamic judiciary. It illustrates the brief history of the judiciary from the time it found its roots in the English Common Law to the more recent developments where modifications were perennially made to the law by judges to suit local customs and conditions. It also traces customary-legal practices that were peculiar to the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, which practices had since been blended into and become very much part of the Malaysian judicial system.

Since law reports is central to the development of the law or a judicio-legal system, a section of the book also glimpses at the tradition of law reporting in the country.

Author(s) Tun Dato’ Seri Zaki Tun Azmi, With A Team Of Contributors
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-074-3
Pages: 223
Price: 100 (WM) / 110 (EM)
Published: 2017
General Reading

To be or Not to be... a Lawyer

‘To be or Not to be... a Lawyer’ is an excellent guide for law students as well as other enthusiasts who aspire to understand, read, or even practise law in Malaysia. Readers are introduced to the legal world – from its inception (the essential academic qualifications and legal professional requirements), to practising law, as well as other career options available within the industry, should one wish to explore the path less trodden. Each chapter seeks to unravel the complexities and challenges in every stage of the journey.

Author(s) Mariette Peters
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-066-8
Pages: 334
Price: RM80 (WM) / RM90 (EM)
Published: 2016

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